Valérie Olivier

President | Président

Salut !

I'm really looking forward to this coming year as your 2016-2017 LSA president. I hope we will have the opportunity to meet along the way, may that be in the hallways, in our office for a chat or during coffeehouse! This year's exec team is committed to bring about many projects and excited to work hard to represent your ideas and voice your concerns.

N'hésitez surtout pas à me contacter pour quoi que ce soit ! Have a great year!

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Veuillez me contacter par email pour prendre rendez-vous.


Andréa Baptiste

VP Administration

Hello everyone!

I’m Andréa Baptiste and I am your VP Administration this year. In charge of communications for the LSA, my goal this year increase the quality of communications between the student body and the remainder of the faculty, by making it more accessible and efficient.

Avant d’être à la faculté, j’ai complété un DEC en sciences humaines au Collège Dawson. Si vous avez des questions, n’hésitez surtout pas à communiquer avec moi, par courriel ou bien sûr en personne !

I really look forward to meeting you all and I am excited to start my term this year !

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Nigah Awj

VP Public Relations | VP Relations publiques

As the VP-PR, I will commit to maintaining long-term relationships with sponsors and also expand the range of opportunities and reach out to even governments and international NGOs.

As a career ninja with the CDO, I had the chance to connect with guests during career fairs, which will allow me to offer diverse opportunities to students. En tant que présidente de première année, j’ai eu la chance de faire partie de l’association étudiante et je souhaite contribuer encore plus cette année.

Je serai à votre écoute et je vous offrirai des opportunités qui répondront à vos besoins. 

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Anne-Sophie Ouellet

VP Academic | VP Académique

I’m Anne-Sophie, your VP-Academic, and I wish to continue the work I’ve started last year. Je propose d’engager les questions de santé mentale, à travers la réforme des modes d’évaluation ou du curriculum. Je continuerai à porter la question du bilinguisme. I will dedicate my time to integrate a requirement for indigenous law within our curriculum, along with advocating for gender equality and recognition of diversity. I promise to report the discussions taking place at the Faculty and be available as you need. I’ll be thorough, dedicated and I hope you will entrust me once again for this position.

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Frank Hawkins

VP Internal | VP Interne

Bonjour à tous et bienvenue aux nouveaux étudiant(e)s!

I could not be happier to begin the 2016-2017 academic year in the most fun position on the LSA! As your VP-Internal Ongoing events, I am motivated to create a vibrant social atmosphere for all student at the faculty. I strongly believe that maintaining a work to social life balance is essential to mental health, enjoyment, and success in law school. Entering my second year of law school, I continue to clutch the work hard play hard moto that has guided me through 5 years at McGill.

Mes responsabilités sont d’organiser toutes sortes de merveilleux évènements sociales, musicaux, sportifs, charitables, et intellectuels où tous sont inclus. Je vous encourage à nous rejoindre à chaque semaine dans l’Atrium pour le Coffeehouse. J’ai adoré pouvoir me détendre au Coffeehouse dans ma première année et je n’en ai jamais manqué une. Je vous lance au même défi !

Take advantage of Orientation Week to build friendships (with me!) and have fun. Trust me, this is the time!

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Béatrice Bull

VP Internal | VP Interne

My name is Béatrice and I am currently in my second year at the faculty. I am your VP internal - Special events.

This upcoming year, I intend on keeping most of the activities we had last year. The chalet, the sugar shack, the hot chocolate break in the atrium, those were all great activities where I personally got to meet incredible people. I think that it would only be fair if others had the chance to live such great experiences as I did while participating in those events.

Second, I would like to introduce new activities that could give more opportunities to students to meet the incredible people they are studying with. I have been thinking of organizing a video game tournament in the moot court, a board games night, and more! I would also like to have more convivial and simple evenings such as open-mic and karaoke nights, all in all low cost (or no cost preferably) activities. I will really work hard on making sure that students with all kinds of budgets can join in on the fun!

Lastly, I want to say it didn't take me long to realize that our program can be tough at times and I always welcomed the activities planned by our ex-VP with great joy! I want people to have fun, relax and take little breaks for themselves throughout the year.

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Romita Sur

VP External | VP Externe

Bonjour à tous et toutes,

Je m’appelle Romita Sur et je serai votre VP Relations Externes pour la prochaine année scolaire. Je suis de Hamilton et j’ai fait mon baccalauréat à McMaster University ou j’ai étudié le travail social et la science politique. Je commence ma deuxième année à la faculté et j’ai très hâte de travailler avec vous cette année. My role as VP-External is to bridge the gap between the LSA and the McGill community at large.

En plus du traitement de vos commandes de vêtements, je représente, en tant que VP–externe, notre voix facultaire au sein de l’AÉUM, de la CADED, et de l’AÉD. In my first year, I understood how decisions at SSMU impact us and I hope to represent your voices collectively. I also hope to connect students to services that SSMU offers that can support us in many ways. I want to be accessible to you all by engaging with you on a regular basis. You will often see me with tea and cookies in the atrium updating people on what is going on at this university outside of the Law Faculty. As someone who was involved in their first year with the LSA as the Faculty Council representative and other clubs, such as the Women of Color Collective, Contours, and the Feminist Collective, I understand the importance of inclusivity and community, and will work hard to represent you the best I can.

Je vous souhaite à tous et à toutes une merveilleuse année !!! N’hésitez pas à venir me voir pour me partager vos questions et suggestions ou pour savoir comment participer dans la faculté où a McGill en général !!!

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Benjamin Brunot

VP Finance

J’effectue en 2016-2017 ma 3e année au B.C.L.-LL.B. ainsi qu’un Dalai Lama Fellowship en tant que co-directeur de Ju(ri)stes en santé / Healthy Legal Minds, le comité de santé de l’AÉD.

Last year, I was the Law Senator at McGill Senate, the legislative assembly of the entire university, and seats as a justice on the university Appeal Committee for Student Discipline and Student Grievances. Before studying law, I worked for 5 years as an international educator and intercultural trainer in universities. I hold a trilingual B.B.A. (applied economics and management) from HEC Montréal and a M.Sc. in Communication Strategy from CELSA Paris-Sorbonne.

Je veille à m’assurer la bonne santé financière de l’AÉD, et que le budget de l’association priorise quatre objectifs stratégiques :

-Universal accessibility and inclusiveness in Faculty activities, procedures, and systems

-Organizational sustainable development (environmental, economic and social), by budgeting both money and time

-Professional exploration and development in diverse fields (in & outside law)

-Advocacy for, and advancement of, law students’ collective rights & interests.

N’hésitez pas à me contacter pour toute question concernant le budget et les finances de l’AÉD, soit en m’arrêtant dans les couloirs, ou en m’écrivant à!

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Brittany Williams

VP Clubs & Student Services | VP Clubs & Services étudiants
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My name is Brittany Williams and I will be your VP Clubs and Student Services for the 2016-2017 academic year. Je suis Montréalaise de naissance et une femme fière d’être d'origine jamaïcaine et trinidadienne.

One of the best ways through which I was able to connect to the faculty since beginning law school was through clubs and other student groups – I will be working towards better dissemination and sharing of information regarding student life at the Faculty of Law. As a member of the LSA exec, I will bring my background in Human Relations and my diverse experience to find ways to better accommodate student groups and journals. Je travaillerai à planifier plus efficacement à propos des différents évènements sur campus – afin de maximiser l'expérience et de minimiser « FOMO ».

I will spend my year-long mandate by improving the tremendous work those before me have accomplished ainsi qu’en intégrant de nouvelles façons innovatrices pour tirer le meilleur de l'année!

I look forward to meeting and speaking to more of you regarding how I can best serve you as a student, club and/or journal!